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Offerings for Homeschoolers

Homeschooling creates a wonderful opportunity to pursue the individual interests a child has, and music should be one of those opportunities! Specifically created for homeschool families, I offer unique group music lessons at an affordable price for children during day-time hours. These are a fantastic space for children to meet new friends, or for existing homeschool groups/pods to book music lessons together. These group classes will foster not only musical skill and knowledge, but also provide a space where children can be creative with their peers to work towards common goals, work as a team, and think with both the emotional and critical sides of their mind. Music provides the opportunity for all areas of the brain to activate in a social, fun environment. Students will have the opportunity to perform in the end-of-year recital either as an ensemble or as soloists.

Students are grouped according to age and experience. For example, students between the ages of 5-7 with no musical experience may be grouped together, while students 13 and older may be grouped together. Groups of 5 to 6 children are required for the lessons to be confirmed. 

Group music classes are booked at Brisbane Community Halls, or the home of a student where all the children can gather together. If booked at the Community Halls, a small fee increase will be required to cover the hall booking fee.

Locations of class offerings include: St Lucia, Grange, Sandgate, Upper Kedron and Zillmere. Please enquire if you live in surrounding areas and would like to book lessons at your home rather than at Community Halls.

Group Piano Lessons

These 1-hour music lessons cover how to play the piano, how to read music, music theory, and experience playing in a group. Children are grouped by age and prior musical experience. Keyboards are provided. 

$30/1-hour session, with lessons booked term-by-term.

Piano Keyboard

Group Recorder Lessons

These 1-hour music lessons are targeted at ages 8-10, and cover how to play the recorder, how to read music, music theory, and experience playing in a group.

$30/1-hour session, with lessons booked term-by-term.



Ensembles will be put together based on instrumentation, experience and musical knowledge. Please submit an expression of interest by using the Contact form!

$30/1-hour session, with ensemble lessons booked term-by-term.

High School Orchestra
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