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Dynamic Music Studio Policies

Below are the policies, procedures and additional information for the Dynamic Music Lessons Studio. Upon booking lessons, you are agreeing to these policies and procedures. 


Lesson Bookings - Book and pay by term to secure your spot

Lessons are booked by term according to the Qld Education 10-week Term Schedule. Lesson fees guarantee your lesson time-slot for the term at your home, including travel time, and any prep work required. Dynamic Music Lessons requires fees for 9 weeks of lessons to be paid each term to guarantee your lesson time slot. This allows for one lesson to be cancelled in the event of emergency or illness. If the 10th lesson is attended, payment for that lesson will be billed separately. If more than one lesson is missed during term, fees must still be paid to maintain your time slot. With a growing waitlist, your lesson time is highly sought after! 


Fees may be paid in advance on a monthly schedule, or by term. If paying fees monthly, they are due by the first day of each new month. If paying for a term, fees are due no later than day 1 of week 1of term. Fees are overdue when a lesson has occurred but the fees have not been paid. Overdue fees may result in lessons being paused/cancelled at the discretion of Dynamic Music Lessons. If cancelled, we reserve the right to offer the time slot to students on the waitlist.


With multiple houses booked back to back, we endeavour to arrive at a consistent time each week. Please note that a window of approximate lesson time may be necessary for your music lessons. Occasionally traffic can cause slight delays in lesson times as we travel between multiple houses. We all appreciate your understanding if this happens. 

No lessons run on Public Holidays, unless organised between teacher and student based on availability. In the case of a public holiday, you will not be billed for the lesson that day unless it occurs or is rescheduled. 


Some of our teachers are University students. As such, there may be time changes required within a term due to semester class time changes, internships or other education commitments our teachers have. 


For child students, a parent or guardian must be home while your piano teacher is present to teach. 


Please ensure the following are adhered to so lessons run as smoothly as possible: 

  1. The piano should be in a quiet location, avoid having other distractions/people/children around (parents observing/presence is more than welcome)

  2. Ensure all pets are kept out of the piano room and dogs do not jump/bark at your teacher 


Dynamic Music Lessons offers one last-minute cancellation per term without a charge when the cancellation occurs an hour or more before the lesson start time, to account for emergency or illness (reflected in 9 weeks of lessons paid). Cancellations less than an hour before the lesson start time will incur full fees due to the travel a teacher may already be undergoing to attend your home. 


In the event that your teacher needs to cancel a lesson due to illness or other reason, Dynamic Music Lessons will offer a rescheduled lesson during term break to suit teacher and student availability. If a rescheduled lesson cannot occur, no fees are charged for a lesson teachers must cancel (refunds provided if necessary).


To cancel your lessons completely, 7 days notice is required. If you must cancel last minute, the 1 week of lessons within the 7-day period will be still be billed.


For all students booked with a Dynamic Teacher other than Elyssa, Signal is used for communication between parents, teachers and Dynamic admin. Please contact Elyssa if there are issues downloading Signal. At any time you can contact Elyssa directly via email or text if there are any problems or other things that you need to discuss. 


Please have a notebook available for your teacher to record notes for the student to refer to during the week. These notes should be at the piano with the student so they remember what to practice.


Contacting Elyssa

Elyssa endeavors to reply to email and messages within 24 business hours (Monday-Friday). If you have not recieved a reply within 24 hours, please send follow up in case the message was accidentally missed.


Urgent messages such as for cancellations should be texted directly to Elyssa so we can get back to you in a timely fashion. 

Elyssa runs admin days on Thursday. If you have book recommendations coming, or other info you are waiting on, it is likely that Thursday will be the day that these items are sent. 

Please e-sign your name to confirm you have read and agree to the Dynamic Music Lesson Policies

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