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Become a Dynamic Music Teacher

Hi music teachers! Welcome to Dynamic Music. If you’re here, you know traditional one-to-one music education needs a major overhaul. A structure of method books, scales and theory does not spark longevity of enjoyment, and therefore learning, for our students. But you can change that. Whether you are a part time teacher while studying at uni, or a full time studio owner, I have developed a method and resources that are simple to implement, yet transformative for both your teaching experience and your student’s learning experience.

Becoming a Dynamic Music Teacher means you are flexible, adaptable, and focused on student centred learning. With just a few resources, your teaching can be transformed from status quo to ground breaking. Parents and students will immediately see the difference. Your effectiveness will skyrocket and your wait list will grow. Sound like something you would like? Explore the offerings below! 

What does it mean to be a Dynamic Music Teacher?

Get the details on what it means to be a Dynamic Music Teacher. This quick-read PDF will introduce you to some of the basic tips and tricks to inform your new approach to lesson planning, teaching, and engagement with parents and students. 

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Practice Log Free Download

This resource can be a game changer for some students. Not only can it provide practice incentive to the right children, but it is FUN for many of them! Give them the sheet and check in each week to see how much playing they did. Don’t pressure it, but use it to celebrate a successful practice week. 

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Try out a Dynamic Music Lesson Game

Don’t just take my word for it - try out a Dynamic Music Lesson game for yourself and experience how music lesson engagement, fun and focus skyrocket! Download the free Note Identification Package. You will have access to the supplies and steps to create the game yourself, and game instructions. There are endless games to be played with these tiles - try out a couple yourself!

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