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About Elyssa

From the moment I began teaching, I have been pushing the boundaries of traditional music lessons.


My goal is to blossom a student’s love of music to create lifelong musicians. Each student I teach is unique in experiences, interests ,and goals, so each music lesson is uniquely cultivated to meet my students where they are at. But the standard lesson structure used so often in music studios is not conducive to this goal.

After I graduated from Monash University in 2018 with my Bachelor of Music specialising in Classical Flute Performance, I began teaching privately. I noticed recurring themes during lessons… Students were having a good enough time, but I felt that a spark was missing from the experience of learning music. 


I began to experiment with different learning approaches not only in my own student’s lessons, but during group lessons and substitute teaching. I incorporated movement, games, singing, clapping, composition and new music… and engagement during lessons skyrocketed! 


As more and more parents began to give positive feedback about the lessons and request continued lessons for their child under my tuition, I knew that my Dynamic Teaching approach was captivating my students and blossoming their love of music. 

Since then, I have developed my own teaching approach and resources to maximise engagement and learning while capitalizing on fun not only during lessons, but also in weekly individual practice. In Dynamic Teaching music lessons, each student will receive music education that stands out from the traditional methods of music teaching, tailored to and aligning with individualised and unique goals. We learn music and performance through experiences such as composition, musical games, technique, and student-choice music. If you are searching for student-centred music lessons that break free from the static mainstream teaching methods, I would love to hear from you! 

Elyssa’s Qualifications

BMus (Classical Flute Performance)

AMEB Grade 8 Flute Exam

Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) Grade 8 Piano Exam (Honours)

RCM Intermediate Theory Exam (Honours)

Hear Elyssa Perform

Excerpt From Bach Flute Sonata in C Major, Allegro

Chopin Prelude in E Minor

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